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Monday, July 6, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest

We put Arsyad in his Graco Snugride car seat as early as 7 days old..we're supposed to put him from day 1 but papa didn't manage to strap it in the car..we didn't practice it earlier, as mama got birth 3 weeks earlier than the due date..its long as we put him in the car seat as early as possible, so that he'll get use to it..n yes he did, till now he's very comfortable in his car seat..

Arsyad in his car seat..pic was taken when he was 1 month old.. :)
Name: Syed Faliq Arsyad
D.O.B: 27 Dec 2008

Actually arsyad has 2 car seats, Graco Snugride and Maxi Cosi Cabriofix..for the first 3 months, we used the Graco car seat as it is fit to our Graco Meteor Cleo stroller..before we've decided which car seat to buy (btw, both car seats are from his aunties..thanks a lot sis :) ), we're looking forward the car seat that is not just the best in terms of safety but it could also be carried around the stores, restaurants or snapped on the, having both of the car seats is a right one as having a newborn, we always wanted to have an option of not waking up the baby upon taking him out of the car..the Graco Snugride and Maxi Cosi Cabriofix (fit in the Micralite, Quinny stroller n few more) did the trick..

Arsyad in his Maxi Cosi car seat..
syok baca buku sambil kuarkn air liur.. :D
Btw, Graco Snugride car seat comes with the base..but the key feature is that it is also can be used in a car without its base, which is very important if we want to put the seat in someone else's comes with carrying handle for our convenience when transporting our baby..another thing i love about both of the car seats is the sun shade which was great for keeping sun out of our babies' eyes..

Arsyad sleepy~
Actually, choosing the best car seats for our babies is always the big question for a new parents..hubby and i always, always means that almost everyday okay..we went to the babies' stores to survey the car seats, its functions and, which car seats is the best for our babies?the truth is the best car seat is the one that fits our vehicle, our budget, our baby and that we will use properly each time our baby rides in the car..

Some car seats may have extra features that make them easier to install correctly, such as built-in locking clips or non-twisting straps..bcoz proper installation is key in car seat safety, these installation helpers may add safety for some people..however, even the cheapest car seat in the store, with no extra features, has passed the basic tests and is safe for our baby when installed, doesn't matter whether it is cheap or expensive, the most important thing is the safety..

And, remember the car seats must fit our baby..use our baby's height, weight and age to choose the type of car seat to use..rear facing only infant car seats are used thru about 9-10kg..convertible car seats are used rear facing until baby is at least 1 year old and weighs at least 9-10kg, and forward facing thru the weight limit listed on the car seat..height wise, baby's head should be 1 inch or more below the top of the car seat when rear facing..for front facing seats, the tops of baby's ears should be below the seat top..

The most expensive, feature rich car seat is not safe for our baby if we don't take the time to read the directions and install it properly everytime it is used..always fasten our baby in the harness when used in or outside the car..and with so many vehicle seats styles nowadays, not all car seats will fit in every is essential to find a car seat that can be installed tightly, with the proper angle and less than an inch of side to side wiggle..

Whatever it is, keep our baby safe as long as possible..the best way to keep baby safe in the car is to use a car seat with the most crash protection for as long as it fits our baby..we don't have to turn our baby forward facing right at 1 year and 13kg or more..many seats today offer higher rear facing weight limits, and this is a good option to choose if possible..also look for higher forward facing weight limits on 5 point harness seats, and keep our toddler in a booster seat as long as possible after they outgrow a regular car seat..

Btw, my entry this time is exclusively for the MomBloggersPlanet July's contest (just give it a try..hehe..)..and the contest is brought to u by MomBloggersPlanet and sponsored by PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders..come and join it too, the due date is on 15th July, hurry up!!

p/s: remember guys~ "SAFETY FIRST" :)


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