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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carousel @ Palace

Sunday, 28th June 2009

I was so exhausted coming back from Abang's place (padahal tak buat pape pon, but dun know y..i felt so damn tired!!), i keep on asking hubby what was the surprise..n hubby keep on answering "mane bley ckp..nnti tak surprise laa"..aiiyyaa..i wanna know first coz i'm so damn tired to go out again..i know we're going to have a special dinner, but i just wanna know where..after a while, hubby told me where is the very special place (after mama buat muka merajuk of coz..hehe..)..n the place is ...... "Go For Gold - Palace of The Golden Horses" :)

Palace of The Golden Horses
When i heard the Palace??waaaa!!! i'm so excited!!very2 excited!!!trus mandi, getting ready to go to my one n only hotel that i always dream to stay.. years back, when i was working in Kertih i'll always stay at the hotel in KL.. of coz when i've had a meeting, training, seminar or etc.. Mandarin Oriental, PNB Darby Park, Maya Hotel, Shangri La Hotel, The Zone, Impiana KLCC.. can't remember already, but almost all i dah rasa.. but then, i always wanted to stay at the Palace, always waiting when my company will coordinate a function there.. that is why hubby brought me there as my birthday pressie.. actually hubby already book a room for a 1 night stay, but then i've had a headache a day before n i've asked him to go to my best buddy's place.. he didn't told me earlier, klau tak time2 tu jugak i'll agree to go there..hehe..but, its ok..i can claim the pressie later.. :D

So, after solat maghrib off we go to the palace.. i keep on asking "lambat lg ke??" felt like dh berjam2 in the car..haha..punye la tak sabar padahal baru 20 minutes okay..mcm dlm crite Shrek la plak when Donkey asked "are we there yet??" to the Far Far Away Kingdom..hehe..

When we arrived there, wowww!!! horses everywhere!! i'm so happy n excited.. muka ni senyum je manjang..hehe..we went to the Carousel Restaurant for the dinner..before entering the restaurant, i told hubby not to make any surprise need to sing me a birthday song..nnti tak pasal2 i nangis lg t'haru..hehe..enuf only once at Langkawi okay... :P eventho no birthday song for me from all of the staff there, but hubby did sang to me, just for me (naseb baik suara best :P )..n then hugs n kisses from him n u both soo much..

The entrance
kat ceiling at lobby
At the cafe
Well, i dun like the food very much, its just so-so..but the decoration was so damn nice..didn't manage to capture so much photo at the restaurant tho as Arsyad was a bit cranky..he wanna sleep but mama n papa was busy eating..hehe..after he falling asleep, both of us enjoying our meals dgn tenangnye..i love the dessert, ice-cream n cakes..yummy~~

Carousel Restaurant
After both of us dh full, then off we go touring the hotel.. the place was so damn nice!! really looking forward to stay there, the room must be so nice too..can't wait!!!

Horse Horse n Horse again!!

Mia Familia
Thanks honey for the lovely dinner..n thanks for everything..u always make my life lovely n beautiful.. love u soo much..muaaahhhsss~


  1. Cantiknya gambar! hahahhaha..

    LOVE U TOO :)

  2. dulu pernah duk situ.
    Quite big & luxurious.


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