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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zafran & Baby Arsyad

An evening at Zafran's house.. both of them were happily playing together.. Zafran was entertaining Arsyad with all of his toys.. he keeps on giving the toys (helicopter, Thomas, cars, aeroplane and etc.) to Arsyad, asking Arsyad to play with all of them.. hehe.. Arsyad can't play like you yet la Zafran.. he just can hold the toys, put it in his mouth and make a "aaaa", "uuuu" sound.. hehe..

Mummy, Zafran dh pndai main ngan baby nih.. hehe
Zafran pose like his mummy..hehe..
Arsyad was looking at Zafran
Arsyad will go to ur place and play with u again kay Zafran.. :)


  1. Hahhahahahah.. mana ade mummy pose camtuh.. cute laaa Zafran & Arsyad nihhh!!! :)

  2. same la tu..kepala senget camtuh..hahaha


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