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Friday, July 10, 2009

Bathtime Fun For Mama & Baby Arsyad..

My most favorite time with my baby is during our bathtime together.. not that i'm having my shower with him.. but it is when he's having his shower in his Fisher Price Aquarium bathtub.. the bathtub is the first thing that we bought for our baby.. i love this bathtub so much.. :)

1 month old Arsyad

It is a very basic product - a clear blue plastic tub that includes a hammock, pillow and a few water toys that can attach to the side of the tub.. installation is quick and simple.. just attach a bar to the bottom of the tub (to keep the tub stable if we want to use it in a sink), attach the rubber toy holder (this just snaps into place), and hang the hammock.. the hammock is a breeze to hang and unhook - all we have to do is slide clips onto the side of the tub and walla!! hammock hung!!

Arsyad with his toothbrush
What this bathtub have that i love so much?? first of all, they have that little hammock which can be strung up in 2 ways.. we can attach all 4 clips to the tub and have it completely suspended, or we can just use the top 2 clips and have the top part propping our little one up.. once our child gets old enuf, we can ditch the hammock and use the wider part of the tub to bath our baby.. we use the hammock in the suspended position until Arsyad is around 5kg.. this is one of the best ways to bath our newborn.. Arsyad was always safe and secure in the hammock.. he loves to lie in there and mama n papa no need to worry about the slippery, slidey, movey little munchkin.. and we didn't worry about having to prop him up and hold his head while he was squirming and sliding around the tub.. this truly made bathing him a breeze..

When he outgrew this method, i simply started using the hammock in the sitting (reclining) position.. the hammock still keeps him in one general spot, i've never feel scared or nervous that he was sliding around.. in addition, it has a great little pillow so he stays comfortable and his neck stays supported..

playing with his toothbrush n toys
He loves to splash the water
Btw, the toys are cute.. one is a little fish shaped cup, and the other one is a little cup with holes poked in it.. they aren't really toys, but Arsyad giggles whenever i use the "shower cup" on him.. hehe.. and the most important thing of having this lovely bathtub, it is easy to clean.. all we have to do is rinse the tub after each use, rinse the hammock and hang it to dry.. no bleach, no chemicals, no washing machine.. just rinse and dry..

So, what i can say is our bathtime is filled with giggles and splashes rather than screams.. haha.. as Arsyad hasn't cried once in this tub, compared to my sis tub if we went to her house (forgot what brand), i think he feels much safer and secured in this Fisher Price's model..

Arsyad - splashing the water using his feet
There are a lot of pros using this tub; easy to clean, easy to put together, nice hammock that safely and securely holds our child during bathtime, soft pillow for extra head and neck support, bath toys, soft cushions on the sides of the tub for mom's arms, it has the small area for baby who still can't sit without support and a wider area for the real bathtub.. the cons is just that this tub is quite expensive.. but for me, it is worth it!!

So ladies~ if you have an infant and you need a bathtub, this should definitely be the one you buy!! :)


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