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Monday, July 27, 2009


Huh~ just came back from our hometown.. lots of things need to be done.. of coz laundry is the 1st thing.. still dun have time to transfer all the piccas and updating this blog.. will do it ASAP after finish doing all my chores.. hehe.. wait for my new entry of my bro's wedding ceremony.. :)

Btw, Arsyad is 7th months old today.. i can't believe how time flies.. he is such a big boy now.. can even push himself on the pillow, hold his cot n standing.. can u imagine that?? he even can't crawl n sit without support yet.. huh~ n lately, if we put him in his rocker, he'll try to roll over in the rocker.. end up he'll cry asking for help.. hahaha.. now he can shout the word paa, baa, aaaa, mmmm n more.. bile nak sebut mama nye sayang?? :( n dun even dare to take something in his hand away from him.. he will cry out loud.. hehe.. my cute little baby..

ok enuf of all the stories, Arsyad's crying already.. got to go.. will update more later.. enjoy the piccas of Arsyad.. :D

still dun wanna sleep eventho its already 12am..
yeay!! finally i've made it!! i can sit papa..
terhuyung-hayang..try to balance himself..hehe
I'm ok mama..
Oooppss!! i'm falling~~
maybe i should just lie down here.. :)


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