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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mari Makan Buku

Arsyad loves to put everything in his mouth..everything but not his teether..he will bite his teether but just for a while, not so long..but other things such as books, soft toys, blankey, his shirts, bip, fingers and his favorite, the label of the toy will be in his mouth forever if i didn't take them out..hehe..i love watching him did that as he will do it with sound..and then smiling at me when he realized that i'm watching him eating all those cute~

So, here he is biting the book.. :D

At first, read the book (of coz he can't read yet..hehe)
then, tried to take out the rubber duck from bathtub
mari makan buku..hehe..
oooppss kantoi!! mama tgk..
still biting the book sambil tgk mama
my little boss :)


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