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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From The Eyes of EOS

We went to UPM for photoshooting again.. :) just wanna take some fresh air actually, and of coz we'll bring our canon eos everywhere we go..this time Arsyad was so great!! always smile and laugh..but then, after a while no more piccas of arsyad coz... "change the battery pack" more battery..aiiyyaaa!! penat je pegi jauh2..

Btw, enjoy the piccas~.. sorry coz there were so many piccas to upload.. i dun like to upload it as a slideshow anymore coz i can't view it thru my just upload it one by one.. :D

So, where will be the next photoshoot papa?? :D

p/s: papa was not in the picture coz he doesn't like to take photos..but he loves to hold the berebut2 ngan mama to snap..maybe we should buy another one..haha..byk duit!! :P


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