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Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Brother Food~

It was not actually my big bro's homemade cook, but it was Big Brother Restaurant & Grill, Western Cuisine & Catering.. as hubby n i didn't know where to have our dinner tonite, so hubby suggested to try the Big Brother Restaurant located at The Strand, Kota Damansara opposite Dataran Sunway (just few minutes from our home).. u may not able to notice the restaurant as it is built slightly higher from the main road.. but, with the owner's idea, he made a very bright sign board at night.. it glows very bright n very attractive n easy to spot.. if u still can't find it, it is just a few doors away from the Alliance Bank..

Ok, let's talk about the food & drinks.. for the drinks, i just ordered myself coke n hubby ordered ice lemon tea.. but, there are a lot of other choices of drinks as they have a special menu book just for their drinks.. n from what i can see they are using illy brand for their coffee beans..n besides gourmet coffee, they've plenty of mocktails too.. n when coming to the food part, u may feel lost when u flipped thru their menu, coz i did..hehe..

Interior Design
we didn't start our dinner with any snack or starters, just straight to the main course..hehe..tak larat la nk mkn byk2.. hubby ordered grilled chicken chop where the chicken is marinated with a special blend of spices n herbs n served with a side order of ur choice (mashed potato or french fries) n ur own choice of gravy (mushroom or black pepper sauce).. while, i ordered Au Gratin Chicken Cher - Boiled n it was stated in the menu "MUST TRY", so i've give it a try.. the chicken was done pretty special.. it is grilled & then send in to oven i guess for topping it up with cheese n then poured the special brown mushroom sauce over it.. it is accompany with a scoop of homemade coleslaw n mashed potato (u can choose either black pepper gravy or french fries tho).. n the result!! Mamma Mia!! Lips Smacking Taste!!

Au Gratin Chicken Cher - Boiled
Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce
The restaurant serves u a hell good of western foods.. it makes u crave for more n more after u try them.. n every dish that they serve come with decorations like what hotel did.. FYI, the chef was former Shangri La Hotel's chef.. so u can expect some good quality foods prepared in the high standard of cleanliness n quality there..

Enuf with all the details, go n try it urself!! The photos itself tells a thousand words... it looks so yummy!! n every dish is below RM30.. the cheapest n finest hotel grade western foods huh~ .. not to mentioned, it is HALAL n got WiFi too.. so what are u waiting for?? nyum nyum!!

p/s: will go again to the restaurant.. n for the next visit, we'll try the dessert - Big Brother is sliced swiss roll topped with ice-cream, assorted fruit cocktails n covered with a special coating just like a mountain..waaaa~ can't wait!! n maybe u should try the dish that starts with the "Big Brother" word in front as i think it is their special menu.. :)


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