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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Evening @ The Playground

Yeah~ i know that my lil Arsyad still can't crawl n of coz walk yet..but it is good as well to bring him out n get some fresh air..n in my case, i brought him to the playground, just beside our apartment..eventhough he can't play the slides n swing yet, but he really enjoyed it by just looking other kids playing n cycling..

The day before, mama didn't join papa n Arsyad as mama was not feeling very well..they just went there for about 1/2 an hour i think, as Arsyad was fallen, when mama join them on the next day, Arsyad was very excited n keep looking here n was like "Taman Layang-Layang" where there were a lot of people brought their kids to play kites there..eventhough it was quite hot, but it was also windy..

There were people selling kites, a lot of kites..from the smallest to the biggest one..n it is very expensive too (some were up to RM70..huh~)..the kites were come in various kind of shapes, from an ordinary kite up to the character's kites such as batman, eagle n few more..can't remember..hehe..maybe next time papa will bring you there again kay Arsyad.. :)

Mama needs to wear sunglass, mama sakit mata.. :p
Arsyad syok tgk kids playing kites behind him..
p/s: really hate when looking at the playground now as people were throwing their rubbish everywhere!!why we can't keep our place clean??


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