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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Picnic a.k.a Birthday Celebration

Nice sunday morning, it was cold n cozy~~.. hmm~ so damn lazy to get out from bed!! luckily arsyad get up early, made a wake up call to both of us so that we can go to Shah Alam at "Pok Dee's" house.. the initial plan was just having breakfast at Pok Dee's house.. then, suddenly the plan was changed to a picnic at Tmn Tasik Shah Alam.. Pok Dee & co bring all the food (nasi lemak, fried rice n the special menu keropok..hehe).. aaa n not to forget the fruits, i like~..hehe :D

my precious~
All my nephews were very excited playing balls, riding bike, chasing with each other or should i say chasing with their mommies n daddies..hahaha.. Arsyad on the other hand was so moody, not smiling at all.. maybe bcoz he's still sleepy.. so, i just let him sit in his bumbo with papa while mama was busy snapping piccas..sampai berpeluh2 snapped here n the end of the day, no one was taking our family piccas..iiskk!!tak aci tol.. :(

Zie & Family
Zafran & Mummy
After the photoshooting session, all of us were having a lil birthday celebration for me (yeah~ it's my 25th gosh!! i'm 25 years old already) n also my nephew, Zaky.. ooo not to forget, arsyad's birthday too..haha..he just turn 6 months old on 27th..hehe..just a simple celebration, but it was fun..

Mama, Arsyad & Kiddos
Zaky & Family
Then after semua dh penat n matahari pon dh naik, all of us went back home..not to our home sweet home but to Pok Dee's house to have our lunch n kiddos wanna play in the pool later that evening..

fuh~ we're so damn tired!!we went back to our home around 5pm..papa already warned me not to sleep as he got surprise for me that night..huhu~ of coz i'll not sleep till 12 midnight's my birthday..hehe..will story about the surprise later.. :D


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