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Monday, June 8, 2009

Arsyad's Story

soooo not in the mood to write anything or typing actually..well, i 'll story a bit for the sake of updating my blog n of coz my lil one, Faliq Arsyad..we always call our precious one, Arsyad so when his paeds called his name Faliq, its kinda weird actually..haha..even mama n papa just ignored the nurse when she called "Syed Faliq"..hahaha..

last week we went back to our hometown for my brother-in-law's engagement, will update the piccas later..Arsyad is already 5 months his immunisation when we came back to KL on 1st June..we're so surprised as Arsyad didn't cry at all..he was so excited to see all the toys in the Doc's room sampai tak sedar kene cucuk..hehe..GOOD BOY!!

Arsyad has a new pose when he's sleeping..hehe..he is just like a big boy now..n everything he touches or grabs, he will try to put it in his mouth..he loves to see himself in the mirror..he likes to hold his toothbrush n put it in his mouth while having his shower.. :) oh btw, he got his 1st tooth when he was 4 months early huh?? :) he loves when we just let him play on the bed or on his playgym as he can freely move, rolling here n there..but of coz, mama n papa will always watch him as we can't leave our baby unattended..

oh n lately he'll cry for his milk every an hour especially at night..mama sungguh penat n restless these few days..n btw, he is now 7.1kg n measures 64.5cm..papa will entertain him every morning before he goes to work while mama sleeping for about an hour..papa said he loves to watch Bob The Builder, Rory The Racing Car n Ozie Boo!! @ Astro papa just let him watch the tele while he's getting ready to go to klau ngan mama, tanak dok diam pon..dgn papa senang je ek..

Enuf of all the stories, let's see my cutie little pie piccas..

Arsyad's new sleeping pose :D
He loves to play with his feet..
Arsyad with his toothbrush :)
Arsyad can stand up on his own now..hehe..
of coz with a lil support :P
see how he moves himself now..

p/s: i'm still thinking whether wanna buy Arsyad a highchair or Bumbo Baby Sitter..he'll start his 1st solid next month.. :) mama can't wait to buy all those cute plates, spoons, cup n etc. ..hehe..mama yg excited lebey..


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