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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best For Baby Best For You

I know that everyone loves the smell of a baby..i know i do..the word lotion is almost like the word chocolate or fresh milk or a cool shower..a lotion conjures up soothing, calming n relaxing memories, as well as an overall feeling of comfort n well-being..choosing the right lotion for every skin care need is just as important as choosing the right shoes..for a brisk walk for example, u'll not slip into a pair of high neither would u want to use an oil phase lotion right before a work out!!

Johnson's baby lotion is mild enuf for delicate newborn skin, hypoallergenic n moisturizes for a full 24 hours..for years, the Johnson's name has been known as a reputable company in the field of baby my house, just about all of the baby products, hubby n I bought for our lil Arsyad were Johnson's, ranging from "no more tears" shampoo, to naturally Johnson's baby milk lotion..however, although stating BABY on the front of the bottle, it's just as good for adults..

The bottle, i'm sure is well known by almost everyone - a white bottle with the name n brand in big blue letters..the bottle in front of me contains 500ml of the lotion, n retails at around RM20; a bargain considering how many uses u can get out of a bottle..

The formula of this baby milk lotion seems to have changed considerably over the years..they're now claiming it's "even milder"..the mildness of the lotion is added to by the presence of camomile, renowned for its soothing properties..the fragrance has also become progressively lighter over the the bottle, and...well, it smells just like most babies do!! the fragrance is pleasant n not overpoweringly strong, rather like a talcum powder, in fact..

The lotion itself is white in color n of a fairly thin consistency..being fairly thin, u do not need to use much of it at a time, as it will spread over a large area n so even a 200ml bottle can last for ages!! It's amazing value for the price u pay..this is a classic baby product n well known n well loved by a huge number of families n definitely a product to be trusted..

And, good news for all Johnson & Johnson lovers!! Johnson's baby now has a "Salaman Pengikat Kasih bersama Suami & Keluargaku" contest..a lot of prizes are waiting for all of u every week..the deadline will be from 1st June till 31st July 2009..its easy!! buy any of these 3 products below (u'll get the form together with ur purchase):-
  • Johnson's Baby Milk Bath
  • Johnson's Baby Powder Nourishing with Milk
  • Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion
Then, snap a creative pic, u n ur family bersalam-salaman with each other..then send it to:

Peraduan "Salam Pengikat Kasih Bersama Suami & Keluargaku"
P.O. Box 13446, 50810, Kuala Lumpur

Oohh dun forget to attach together the receipt of ur purchase..

p/s: waiting for hubby to snap our family piccas..hehe~


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