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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Precious Milk

I've started pumping my breast since arsyad 4 days old as my breast started to engorge very badly..since that day, i've never stop pumping..usually i'll pump around 5 am, when i wake up in the morning (around 8 am), 11 am n 1 more time in the lil Arsyad will have his milk about 30 - 45 minutes once, n i just give him 1 side only at a time to make sure he got enuf supply (so that he'll get not just water but fat as, for the first 5 - 10 minutes, our milk just contains if u change too fast, ur baby will not get enuf n that is why people always said they dun have enuf milk as their baby always cry..of coz baby akan nangis klau tak kenyang), its ok if u just give 1 side of ur breast until ur baby is full, then u can pump on the other side..

n since that day as well, my milk dah penuh in my freezer n i'll discard it when it is more than 3 months..i know people will always said that i'm with my baby 24-7, so why still pumping??for me, i'm not just pump bcoz i want to use that milk, but it is to stimulate the that my milk supply will be more n more, n InsyaAllah enuf till he is 2 years old..n who knows if anything happen in the future, n i need to use that, doesn't matter whether we use it or not, tak rugi pon kita pump kan..

actually, my story is about all my precious milk (EBM) has gone..not gone bcoz of kene curi but then my freezer happened when we went back to our hometown on labour day..when we reached at home, i've told my hubby "ape yg bau busuk sgt ni??"..scared at first as i'm thinking something else..haha..then suddenly i've heard my freezer's will beeping if it is open..aaaaaaaa!!at that time, i'm just thinking about my EBM..semua dh hubby siap ckp sabar ek coz he knows i'll be so sad n tension as need to clean up everything..yeah~ i'll not use that milk, but still it is very sad to see all my milk wasted just like that..

Ni baru suku..actually there are more :(
Now, i've to start all over again.. :(


  1. banyaknya Ju. meh kita salahkan freezer. hehe

  2. hurm..takde rezeki nk buat cane.. :(

  3. Uish ni baru suku ke?mmg byk giler ah susu k.jue..yani harap yani xmls nk pam awal2 kelahiran

  4. aah.. ni kisah dulu2 ni.. hehe.. rajinkan diri pam yer and kuatkan semangat.. :-)


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