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Monday, April 27, 2009

My Baby Today

Welcome to the world of the 4 months old Arsyad, where everyday is filled with exciting new discoveries..n not to forget u're preparing to take on the universe, Arsyad..hehe..about now, my baby's laugh is likely to be the most welcome sound in our home..he's truly learning to communicate with us n others around him..what fun!!

so, his milestones this month:-
  • arsyad can raise himself up on straightened arms while lying on his tummy n look all around
  • he can grasp a rattle
  • he laughs out loud
  • he smiles spontaneously
  • he pays attention to very small objects
  • he experiments by making new sound
  • he recognizes mama n papa :D
what Arsyad is discovering:-
  • Hands - bcoz he can't crawl n of coz walk yet, my little one literally is trying to pull the world toward him..i noticed that he intently studying his hands (before this only his right hand, now both) some point he'll bravely stuff them into his mouth, surprising himself with the knowledge that these fascinating appendages actually are part of him!!n once after he has mastered this skill, he tried the tricky stuff, grabbing 1 hand with the other..usually he did that when he's having his milk.. :)
  • Toys - Arsyad loves brightly colored, squeaky n soft toys..he loves playing with his 'dino' as it has loops, easy gripping..n he still love his playgym, lie under the toys, bat away n kick at the brightly colored objects that hang within his reach..
  • Laughter - now he can laugh out's a high pitched giggle n the 1st few times it erupts from his mouth, he surprised himself..haha..his eyes will wide open..
Oh, sweet sleep..

He's starting to sleep on schedule!!usually he will sleep around 11pm (take a nap before that about 1/2 an hour), and wake up for his milk about 3 to 4 hours later..sometimes 2 to 3 depends..n his daytime sleep is more predictable now, typically morning n afternoon naps that each last for 1 to 2 hours..sometimes only 1/2 an hour or even 15 minutes..he likes to play more now..

Let's "chat"!!

arsyad is finding all sort of ways to communicate..
  • he's becoming our family's one baby band as he tries lots of new ways to connect with us n satisfy his own curiosity..doing a high pitch babbles again n again..
  • his smiles are more frequent n sometimes he fake a cough to get our attention..clever boy yer!!n i know he'll be very2 excited when mama or papa wanna lift him out from the baby rocker, by the look in those bright, eager eyes with his hands n legs kicking here n there..
  • he loves our chat time together..when he made "ah gooo" or "oohhss" or "aahh" n i answered him with the same tones n inflections, he will really2 enjoy it especially if i spice up my end with facial expressions n gestures..
And, one of the activities i enjoy doing with my lil one nowadays is reading him a book (doesn't matter my book or his)..we would lay on the bed together n i would hold the book above us..he would listen n stare at the bright colored pictures..sometimes he would sing along or maybe i can say "aaaa~~", "oooo~"..hehe..mama will buy u more books after this kay.. :)

Arsyad khusyu' baca buku :)


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