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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Solat Hajat & Mother's Day Celebration

Alhamdulillah, our family gathering (kenduri doa selamat, solat hajat n tahlil) was succesfully held at my sis, Yanie's house @ Damansara (2 - 3 minutes from our home)..the event was started around 1230pm (waiting for our bro, pak imam a bit late..hehe)..started with solat hajat, continued with bacaan Yassin, Tahlil n Doa..then followed with Solat Zohor berjemaah just before we had our lunch..

Bacaan Yassin, Tahlil n Doa led by Abang

so, what did we have for the day??the main course as usual nasi dagang & pulut kepal from Ulik Mayang - sponsored by Kak Yah (next host, other menu plak kay), Laksa Utara - sponsored by Yanie (dun know where she bought it but its delicious!!)..n dessert for the day were akok from Ulik Mayang - sponsored by Kak Yah, Keropok Ikan from Batam - brought by our sis, Zie (kids love it..crunchy2 gituu) n last but not least fruits n dadih from me..everything was soooo yummmyy!!hubby n i went to our sis house again that nite to have our dinner..hehe..

our yummilicious food!!
everyone enjoying the meals :)

later when everyone was busy catching up with each other, Yanie surprised everyone with the delicious chocolate indulgence cake from Secret Recipe..its a little celebration for us, mommies as the next day is Mother's Day..thanks sis!!its my first Mother's Day celebration ever.. :)

Happy Mother's Day to all :)
our cutest nephews n nieces..actually they are more,
others are bz playing upstairs!!
i didn't snap the pictures on that day, busy with my little one..all the piccas were captured by our main family photographer, Abang..hehe..can't wait to have our next family the next venue will be at .....???wait for the announcement by the event organiser yerr.. :)


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