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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Playtime

Play is a child's "work" bcoz it accomplishes so many developmental tasks..when children play they learn about themselves n the world around them, how to relate to others n how to communicate..a baby's playtime is equally important for parents..lucky for us, as parents, we are our babies' best friend n first toy..yeah~ the mobile with the interesting color combinations n  the musical stuffed animal provide entertainment, but do they really promote cognitive skills n emotional interaction??

Playtime allows a parent n baby to share a glee, n draws a parent into a baby's magical world..tickle-tickle, peek-a-boo, n those made up interactive games are not only fun, but also bond baby n parent..the smiles n giggles that emerge make the simplest activities rewarding..research shows that our baby's 1st years are profoundly formative n that skills necessary in development, both physical n emotional, can be nurtured thru play..they're developing motor skills, responding to touch, smell, n most importantly gaining trust n self-image..

Parents appear to be genetically "wired up" to enjoy being with babies..1st movements, burps n yawns provide parents with lifelooong memories..a baby's 1st sound teach parents to talk in a special language called "motherese" that helps develop language skills..haha..only mom knows what her kids my nephew, Zafran..only her mummy knows what actually he is talking about..either lofty, mark, train, lorry, excuse me can become "abi" n the list go is during playtime that parents n babies come to know each other n learn to communicate..

Playtime is fundamental in the development of our baby's ability to express himself, interact with others n learn..he loves to communicate n we as parents are his receptive caring partner n audience in all stages of development..kicking, reaching, touching, gumming, wiggling, n babbling are all ways babies experiment with body sensations n motor me, babies were like small scientiests who experiment with their bodies n the world around them as they invent knowledge..

Although healthy babies tends to play whenever n wherever they can, there are some ways that parents can help turn ordinary moments into fun learning opportunities..create a playful environment..babies don't need expensive toys as much as they need time n a child safe space to discover themselves n their for me, games or talking during bath n diaper changing time are wonderful ways to interact n help my baby learn about the routines of life..arsyad's now knows when is the time he has to take his bath, n when mama will change his diaper..n let play happen..don't over plan for play or structure too many activities for our baby..quiet time n shared interactions that follow from baby's natural body movements n actions are the best way to help a baby learn through play..

So go ahead, start playing with your baby today!! As a baby, we are the best toy on the he/she grows, only a few objects are needed to stimulate n fascinate him/her..we as parents, are remain baby's favorite toy, teacher n fren..from playing, we're encouraging our little ones to become of the family encourages self-esteem n the confidence baby needs to take on the world n contribute to it as well..

Every parent wants to do the best job we can supporting our baby's growth..rather than buying lots of expensive equipment, what babies really need is our attention, observation n our the 1st year of life, babies are learning trust..they're figuring out that the world is a place where they will get their needs met, where they can make things happen n where they can explore safely..our job is not to teach them these things so much as to get to know them, to enjoy them, to provide safe n interesting learning spaces, to learn their unique communication systems n to be responsive to them..

So, play as much as u can while your child is still with for me, being with my lil Arsyad 24-7 is something special n rewarding..see him growing up n discover his new abilities everyday can make me smile all day long..

Arsyad's talking wif papa..
his papa just look at him, doesn't do anything..
but he was so excited..


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