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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Weekend @ Sunway Pyramid

Its been a looooongg time we didn't go to sunway pyramid..went there for a walk with hubby,arsyad n my sis-in-law last Saturday..just wanna see its new wing..nothing much special or unique at the new wing, just the decoration inside it..i love it!!its nice and looks traditional..

After had our brunch at Pappa Rich, then off we go for photography session..haha..hubby captured all the piccas (only few that was snapped by me)..its just a short session coz arsyad started to cry, hungry of coz..went to Baby's Room @ jusco..its so damn hot inside the room!!at last, we've decided to go back home as arsyad dun wanna have his milk inside the come there's no air-cond, its a new building!!haaiisshh..sabor je laa..

Another thing that i don't like is the parking area..we parked our car at the theme park basement parking..we thought that it is link with the shopping mall as it is stated there "LG 1 - Access to the Shopping Mall"..when we went out, erk!!ingat sambung kat dlm building, kat luar rupa2 first, its ok..coz its not so hot at that time..then we saw stairs..we have to lift up the stroller, luckily its just few stairs about 10 i think..apo la mgmt ni, buat la proper planning..and think about mommies with pram ok!!iiskk2!!enough of complaining n enjoy the piccas~ ..hehe..


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  2. The place looks so cool in the picture, unfortunately they design only for aesthetic and money, M'sia is still lacking of user friendly kinda design (in my opinion), walhal mcm2 dah exposure and everything that designers have learnt, known. mmmm..politics conquer all :P


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