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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Arsyad's New Discovery

Arsyad can rolls over now..didn't manage to capture the picture yet tho..n he can hold his head up..he enjoys it so much.. :) cepat merangkak ni nnti anak mama..n he push n push n push using his leg, smpai jatuh all his toys..can't leave him alone on the bed dangerous!!

First time he did it..yeay!!
He loves to see the caterpillar in front of him.. :)

Arsyad's trying very hard to roll over :)

Loves u baby~


  1. wahh cepat btul development arsyad.. zafran je slalu lambat..hihihihi .. jadik ke plan kita today? huhuhu

  2. mmmmmm dah roll over? arissa blom jln lagi...still practising ang trying very2 hard...well done arsyad!


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