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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make Me Babies~

Got the link of the website from my sis, Yanie's blog..its so damn funny..hahaha..when i read the entry in her blog, i keep on laughing as the picture of the baby doesn't look like zafran at all..hahaha..

Just upload yours n partner's picture then the face of ur baby will come out, no need to wait up till 9 months..haha..its just for fun, so just try, i tried it few times, n the result as below..hehe..

wow!!rambut just like arsyad, when he was born..hehe

both of the girls' piccas, hmm~ what i can see is their nose..
looks the same..haha

so funny!!hahahah!!do they looks like me n hubby??whateva it is, my lil Arsyad is still the cutest..hehe..of course puji anak sendiri :D

1 day old Arsyad :)


  1. Hhmmm..U wanna have 5 babies? ;-) hehehehe.. btw Arsyad looks different the last time i saw him ;-) can't wait to see him again :-)

  2. it was me up there. did not switch acct to comment :P

  3. 5 babies?? wohoho~ maybe not!! but then klau dh rezeki, terim aje laa..


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