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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Myra's 1st Birthday Celebration

Went to my hubby's cousin's house @ Putrajaya yesterday to celebrate Myra's 1st birthday..the birthday celebration actually supposed to be last week, but then rescheduled a week after as Myra was admitted due to high fever..poor little Myra..but now, she is healthy n really2 excited on her big day..

Eventho there was no cake n candles, it was still fun as all of us were there..with all the yummylicious food~~, siap tapau lg..hehe..all of us eat n eat n eat..again n again..hahaha..btw, my precious one was so behaved on that day..he slept soundly eventho people were talking loudly around him, kids were shouting, crying..but, he was not in the mood to smile when people touching his cheeks, play with him..maybe, it was so damn hot..even its already 5 o'clock in the evening, its still hot like 12pm in the afternoon..huh~ but, when we were in the car, he started to talk with his toys, n smile when mama sang him a song..

Ok, enuf with all the stories..enjoy the lovely piccas of Little Myra n our familia.. :)

Birthday Girl~ little Myra ~
Myra wif Mommy n Papa
Kiddos - enjoying the party
My precious~
Happy Birthday Myra~


  1. lovely pics korang!! thanks for coming to myra's so called party and memeriahkan suasana. arshad sangat baik, ummi ya bagi 5 bintang :)


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