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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The TreeHouse Islamic Montessori Playschool

InsyaAllah I`ll be sending Arsyad to this TreeHouse Islamic Montessori playschool next year. After thinking for quite some times, we`ve decided that Arsyad needs a new place that can give him more freedom to play. Kids love to play and they learn a lot from playing, don`t they? 

So, this week we`ve already send him there for 2 to 3 hours, easier for him to adapt to the new environment. He seems really excited and enjoying himself exploring, and doing everything all by himself. I love to see how they arrange everything in the class. Everything is reachable by the kids. The toilet bowl for kids is really cute, it is just a small size, just nice for the kids. The sink is within the reach. They can wash their own hands, can switch on the lights on their own, can get their own drinks and many more.

Hopefully Arsyad will having a lot of fun there and the most important thing is he learns to be a good khalifah. :-)
Here are some pictures of him and Farrel while they`re there.


  1. Salam... :) may i know the fees structure of this treehouse playschool? Thanks! :)


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