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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MBO Cinema @ Citta Mall

We went there last night to watch a movie, any movie available at that time. Hehe. It has been a looongg time we didn`t go to the cinema. We just brought the kids along to watch Hobbit. 

The cinema is actually new and just open for about a week or two I guess. I love how they decorate it. And knowing the new cinema must be very clean and nice. Hehe. And the most important thinf is they were not so many people watching the movie there. So it is a good place for us with kids. If the boys were cranky in the middle of the show, we can just brought them outside for awhile. The entrance is just nearby the movie hall.

Luckily the kids were well behave and they were fall asleep after 1 hour or so. So we can enjoyed ourselves watching the movie. Hehe.
Some of the photos:


  1. wahahaha.. so kesian. sebab kat sebelah jer ofc pon tak perasan citta got mbo..

  2. So nice! Fiza pn da lm x g tgk wayang!! Hehe


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