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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Big Bad Wolf (BBW)

We went there this morning. Luckily there were not so many people at that time. As today will be the last three days for the bbw, so I`m expecting people will start coming in during lunch hour. And I was right. As we were heading ourselves to the cashier, people were start coming in from the entrance. Fuuhh~ lucky me.

Once we were in, we went straight ahead to the children area. Arsyad and Farrel were so excited looking at all those books. We gave Arsyad 1 box and asked him to put the one that he wants in the box. So, he kept on putting the books one by one till full then continue putting it in the Ikea recycle bag.

After hours we were there, I finally sit down at one area and begin to sort out all the books according to the price range and discard the one that I think unnecessary. The cheapest book that we bought was RM2 and the most expensive one was RM15. So can you imagine how much the total that we`ve paid for all the 70 books? Huh~

I just bought 4 novels for myself and hubby bought a few for him. Others were all for the kids. I love the pop-up books and all the hard cover ones. Tips for those who wants to go there do bring trolley or luggage bag, coz carrying the box everywhere you go is not practicle. It will be so damn heavy and dificult for you to move around. Take your time to choose the books and don`t forget to arrange your book according to the price range, easier for the cashier and make it a lot faster too. Other than that, just enjoy reading all the books later on. Hehe.


  1. Bestnyee klo blh pegi n buy booksss for faris :)

  2. Bestnyee klo blh pegi n buy booksss for faris :)


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