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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Family Vacation @ Johor Bharu

We went to Johor Bharu last tuesday, 11th Dec for a short family vacation. It was actually a birthday getaway for my husband. We didn`t celebrate his birthday earlier on, just a simple dinner at Serai. So, we`ve decided to go somewhere for the kids to have fun.

As we googled about The Little Big Club, located just few kilometres away from Legoland, so we thought why not we just go there. We`ve never bring the kids to the JB before, so this is the time. We stayed at The Zon hotel, only costs us around RM 170 per night for deluxe room. Great deal enough for us to extend our stay to 4 days and 3 nights. :-) 

We went to the Little Big Club on the next day. Luckily it was an indoor theme park coz it was heavily raining outside. I can`t imagine people at the Legoland, for sure they can`t play all the games. Btw, the entrance fee is RM50 for adults and children above 3 years old. And the entrance for Hello Kitty World is another RM50. If you buy both you just need to pay RM85 I think. As both of our kids are boys, so we just went to the Little Big Club where they can find Barney, Angelina Ballerina, Pingu the Penguin, Bob the Builder and Thomas and friends.

Arsyad was excited playing all the games. The place was quite small. It only has 2 floors - 1 for Thomas and friends and another one consists of others. There will be a timetable given to you with the tickets. You should alert with the time, coz there will be a mini show like Barney`s and Thomas. Owh children were all so excited dancing and singing with Barney. We watched the show twice. Haha.. And there`re also the characters show up for photography session. My boys were afraid all of them so we didn`t have any pictures with them. Owh only one I think, with the Fat Controller and that was just me and Farrel. Arsyad kept on pulling his papa`s shirt to go somewhere else. Haha..

On the third day, we went to the zoo. The entrance fee was just RM2 for an adult and RM1 for children. Arsyad was so excited looking at the parrots, lion, tiger, crocodile and many more. It was just a small zoo so we just spent a few hours there.

Later that day we went to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO), located at Nusajaya. Coach, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Kors, nothing much that catches my eyes. Hurm~ And the price actually not that cheap except for Nike, Adidas, Puma, Levi`s. Nike outlet has a lot of shoes compared to Adidas and Puma. So, Arsyad and papa got one shoe each. For those who went there can give a visit to JPO, but for me I`ll just go once coz I can get the items at that price in KL also. 

Btw, I still didn`t have time to transfer the pictures from my camera. So just a few pictures from the phone. Hehe.


  1. jue, slim jer u ni.. =) apa rahsia hehehe..

  2. haha..slim tp perut kdg2 still ke depan jgk hard raising my kids, kejatr dieorg sana sini makes me slim n fit..haha


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