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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yeah~ Germany Won!!!

Yes Yes Yes!! Germany won!! I keep on sms-ing my hubby coz he has to work tonight.. haha.. So sayang, don't forget a new toy for Arsyad and special dinner for me.. hahaha.. :P

kan arsyad dh ckp germany score 4.. haha :P

p/s: Tak sia-sia arsyad jerit GOAL!!!!


  1. hahha.. nak buat camne kan. german sgt kuat skrg..

  2. wahahaha!!!! pandai betul arsyad yea...
    erm, have to admit that germany played really well and the teamwork plus counter attacks were superb babe.... argentina mcm tak boleh nak main... huhu...

  3. samala cam anak2 akak, terjerit2 depan tv.


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