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Friday, July 2, 2010

One Night Vacation @ Bukit Tinggi

It was a loooong time ago we had our vacation together, I think it was our honeymoon.. haha.. We didn't go anywhere since then except our hometown.. Owh~ we had our babymoon at Singapore.. Hehe.. :D

So, as for my birthday's treat, hubby brought us to a vacation at Bukit Tinggi for one night stay only.. It was a surprise actually, I just knew it when we headed to the karak highway.. It was indeed a very relaxing holiday, not so many people at that time.. And Arsyad was the happiest lil boy as he can walk, run and jump anywhere he wants.. 

Nothing much to story.. I think most of you must have been there.. It was indeed a nice place.. But I think it is not as cold as a few years back.. It is still hot up there except in the morning.. We arrived there around 3pm, checked-in to our room and had a walk around the area after solat asar.. We just had our trip to other places on the next day, which I'll blog about it later.. 

Thanks so much dear for the treat.. Love u sooo much~ mmmuuuaaahhhhsss!! :-)


  1. bestnyee~ xpenah lagi pergi bukit tinggi.. huhu~

  2. i've been there last mth for one night stay. best kn tpt yg peacefully. u r right mmg kurang sejuk hehe.. :D

  3. never have a chance to be there yet! maybe one day...nice birthday treat!

  4. aisumi: ok la for 1 night stay.. lama2 boring plak.. hehe

    yunz: tuh la..skrg makin panas.. ingat stay kat atas sana sejuk, sama je rupa2 nye.. hehe

    sis jem: pegi2.. tak jauh pon..kejap je dh smpai.. but then jgn pegi weekend la, sure penuh.. :P

  5. best lg tk tmpt nyer...heard ppl said dh tk best..cos org tk ramai n mentenen tk bgos dh..cemner eh actually...been there tuk honey last 4 jek time tuh...hihihi

  6. aah maintenance kureng.. weekdays tak ramai org.. weekend je kot ramai..

  7. hi, as for the birthday any places to get a cake there or u had to bring the cake from KL..just wonder...thanks


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