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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Climbing Up to Japanese Teahouse

Arsyad woke up early that morning coz he was so excited to go out and walk again.. So, we had our breakfast at the french bakery and then had a morning walk just around that area.. We had to wait coz other places will open around 10am.. While waiting, arsyad started to cry and a bit cranky coz he wanted to sleep.. So, we didn't manage to go anywhere, but then manage to get some sleep for few more hours.. haha..

After checking-out, we went to the Japanese Teahouse where we had to climb up the stairs.. Owh~ btw, to enter the Colmar Tropicale we have to pay RM12 per person, but then it is refundable.. You can claim it when you want to check-out the front office.. The Japanese Teahouse is just about 10 minutes from the Colmar Tropicale.. It is not that far, but it was noon.. So, it was quite hot and tiring as we had to carry arsyad all the way..

Just enjoy the piccas~ :D

Ni baru nk start climbing..huh~

Baru sampai.. haha..

Jauh lg la.. huhu~

Finally smpai jgk.. :P

At the spa.. But no one there.. Dun know whether it is open or not..

Then. both of us sakit satu badan.. haha.. nampak sgt dh lame tak exercise.. hahaha.. 


  1. the rm12 is refundable?
    ohmygod. i didn't know = =

  2. tak penah sampai sana lagi, mesti best n menarik

  3. cambest je.. :) suka gambar2 ni


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