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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Colorful Night @ i-City, Shah Alam

Finally, we managed to go to i-City, Shah Alam. We even went there twice, second time with my bro and family. If you go there on weekend, make sure you go early, coz usually the parking lot will be full. 

It was indeed a nice place to go, lots of lights, trees, peacocks, swans and most importantly the kids love the place. And not to forget it was free, just need to pay for the parking fee RM1. Go and see it for yourself  while the lights are still working!! Haha.. Who knows one day all the light bulbs are all burn out.. :P

This was the first time there, just the three of us. The second time we went there, this place was closed. It was actually inside the building, got snowman, deers, and lots more. You can see it in the pictures. hehe..

At the entrance.. Arsyad baru bgn tido, so a bit moody.. :D

The penguins..

Got chinese area too..

This is between the buildings.. Nice one..

The second time we went there, the castle was moved to other area..

I love the colors..

My bro and family..

Adieb and mama..

big peacock..

Adieb with the tree..

The small trees.. so cute~

Abg Nabil with the butterfly, squirrel and taktau la ape lg 1.. hehe

ada jgk 1 gambar papa & arsyad.. hehe

It was so tiring, walking from the parking lot to the lights area. One thing that I do not like about the place was, the walking path is quite small, so bila bertembung tu susah sikit dgn stroller nya lagi.. And suppose just buat jalan sehala lagi senang.. Whatever it is, it is a good place to go.. Once in a while klau dh bosan pegi shopping mall or taktau nk pegi mane, bley la bwk anak-anak dtg sini.. Just need to pay RM1 for the parking fee.. Takyah kuar duit byk2.. Hehe.. 


  1. hmmm...arsyad..nnt kne bw cu na plak p sane ye....

  2. cu na kene dtg sini lame2 sikit bley la pegi.. hehe.. :D

  3. rumah dgn ict dah dekat tapi tak pergi2.. hahahaha.... bila lah nak pergi nih... :D

  4. pergi jgn tak pergi.. tp jgn pegi weekend.. nk parking pon tak dpt.. hehe


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