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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breakfast at The Baker's, Sunway Giza

It was the first time we had our breakfast at Sunway Giza. Nice place for family as kids can play and run happily around the area. But the place will be crowded at night coz of the club. I like the open area as long as it is not hot. Hehe. Nothing much to story, just glad meeting up with my bros and sistas, eventho not all of them. :-)

Owh~ btw thanks sis, for all the lovely piccas. Haha. :P

sampai-sampai je trus ade org snap.. huhu~

Baru perasan arsyad pakai baju sama merah ngan tudung mama.. hehe

Papa je pakai baju hitam.. kuda still merah.. hahaha

with my SIL, sista and lil Aryan..

Ramainya anak papa.. hehe

Uncle kesayangan ke nih?? :D

Arsyad with Abg Zafran..

Help me!!! tersepit between the mini car and ape tuh??

My cute lil boy.. love u baby~

 baru perasan sume anak buah boys.. yang girls takde plak this time.. huhu~

Dah lama tak get together kan kakak2 and abang2 sekalian? Sepatutnye turn rumah sape ek after yanie's house? :D


  1. nice.. aku dah jemu g sana sebab keja kat sana.. hahah

  2. Sungguh cantik gambar2 ni.. :)


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