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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a Loooonnnggg Silence!!!

I was not feeling well lately.. I've had a bad fever for 3 days, then a really bad migrain for 2 days straight, plus with the nausea, and always feel dizzy everytime I woke up from bed and started to walk.. And not to mention I almost pitam at Giant yesterday.. Huh~ I did check my blood pressure and it turns out okay.. I almost think that I'm pregnant, but then of coz not!! Hahaha.. So, tomorrow I'll go to PPUM to do the blood test, afraid if my Hb level is low.. Need to concentrate more on my health now (a reminder to myself!!)..

Thank GOD hubby was not working when I was sick.. He did all the house chores and of coz take care of Arsyad.. Thanks a lot dear~ :-) 

Btw, we went to a movie to watch Toy Story 3 with Arsyad and my SIL (demam2 pon bley lg pegi cinema..haha).. Arsyad was afraid at first coz the sound system was very loud!! But then he still watched it till the end of the movie..  It was indeed a good movie and fun to watch.. I even feel like wanna cry when Andy wanted to leave all the toys and went to college.. :-) 

Ni arsyad nye toy story's collection.. hehe

After this boley la tgk Eclipse plak kay sayang?? hehe.. I've already finished reading the novel.. I managed to finish it in 3 days I think.. It was not easy to finish it with my lil active boy around.. hehe.. My last novel took me around 1 to 2 months to finish it.. haha.. 

Okay, that's all my update for today.. Now, I feel like wanna eat fried rice at Uptown Damansara, speciafically Uptown yer sayang.. hehe..

Till the next update.. Chow~


  1. i havent watched any movies recently.. =/
    and get well ya!


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