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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Is So Special With This Big Purple Dinosaur??

I think most of you know what is the "big purple dinosaur" is rite? At least for those who have kids, for sure all of you know that it is Barney~ (please read like those kids in the VCD sounds like.. Barney~~ then all of them running towards Barney and hug him.. hahaha..).. I dun know what is so special about this big dinosaur that makes my baby wide awake till now, 1:40 am in the morning.. The same VCD is still playing from 10pm till now, which I dun know how many times I press the play button already.. I am so damn tired and sleepy, but how can I sleep if he is still running, dancing and singing in his own version all the time..

I've tried to make him sleep by switching off the tele.. You know what he did? He gave me the remote and asked me to switch it on back.. Adoii~ sabar je la.. So, I just let him watch the tele and me on the other hand, grab my camera and snap all these piccas.. hehe

khusyuk tol tgk Barney..
Thomas box mesti ade kat depan.. 
tgk sampai camtu skali..tak lenguh ke kepala tu arsyad??

dancing along with Barney and Baby Bop..clap his hands,
his shoulders and his hip..
sampai step on Thomas's box to kiss BJ.. haha..

too close to the tele.. mama risau takut lama2 rabun..

Does your kids love to watch Barney too? Arsyad loves to watch other than Barney too, like Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, Oozie Boo's, Sesame Street.. But then he loves Barney the most.. And sometimes he can clearly said "Barney" everytime he saw that big purple dinosaur.. Last time we went to Santai Restaurant at Kota Damansara, his papa brought him to the DVD store next to the restaurant.. His papa always bring him together everytime he wanna buy the DVD.. And, Arsyad already knew where was the Barney DVD at the rack.. He'll point his finger to that DVD and said Barney.. hahaha.. Watch out papa.. Nanti everytime pegi makan kat Santai, ajak pegi beli DVD baru tau.. hahaha.. 

Owh~ my baby was so behaved these few weeks back.. He is active as always, but I dun have any trouble at all everytime I was driving all alone with him and even when I went out to the mall, only with 2 of us.. He'll sit in his car seat and stroller all the time.. I think he enjoyed his ride, watching outside and pokpekpokpek talking to me..hahaha.. He'll point his finger to something outside the window and told me what he saw.. He doesn't clearly told me that it was a bird when he saw a bird, but I knew he was telling me that by saying "there".. Nampak aeroplane pon "there", nampak lights pon "there", almost everything he'll say "there" with his finger point to the object.. hehe.. Nanti dh bley ckp, sure byk mulut anak mama ni.. Tak larat la mama nk layan.. huhu~ :D


  1. Our son Naufal knows Barney too, but he is super crazy about Thomas, and the latest is Chuggington!!!

    So you can imagine that most of his toys are Thomas, Thomas' friends and more trains.. hehe

    Later2, maybe Aryad can come over for playdates with Naufal...

  2. hi.. 1st time visit here.. daughter really love Barney too.. sampai termimpi2 tdo panggil BARNEY...~~

  3. Noris: haha.. same with Arsyad la.. most of his toys are Thomas.. Eventho he likes Barney, I didn't buy him any..hahaha..

    eiNa: Hi eiNa, thanks for dropping by.. mmg budak2 zaman skrg semua suke Barney jek.. hehe.. tp Arsyad takde la sampai termimpi2.. hehe


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