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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Testing My New Canon 50mm Lense

Hubby just bought me a new 50mm lense yesterday.. And, these are the pictures that I managed to capture as my cilik model down with fever last night and today.. So, he doesn't have any mood to smile and laugh as usual..

Btw, I'm still learning.. This is my 1st attempt.. Hopefully after tomorrow my picture will be better :-)

posed for mama :D
at wan cu's house..
muka nak nangis lepas jatuh.. hehe

happy playing with his Barney's cup eventho demam..
muka tgh tahan berat Thomas's box..hehe

Thanks dear for the lense.. I love it.. hehe.. mmmuuahhhsss~ :-)


  1. wahhh best dpt camera baru...n suka sgt tengok si kecik berbaju belang camtu...cute sangatttt

  2. lense je baru kak.. camera still yg lame.. hehe.. si kecik ni la terpaksa jd model mama nye selalu.. hahaha

  3. the cheapest but great quality right?hehe

    me use 50mm too


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