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Monday, February 22, 2010

Go Back To School!!

Arsyad did something that make me smile and laugh just now.. He walked into the room and took his Sammy bag and called me "Mama", and then waved bye bye.. I asked him where he wanna go.. Then he just answered "tu" and point his finger to the tele.. hahaha.. Now he knew everytime he wanna go somewhere, mama and papa will bring the Sammy bag together to put his diaper, baby wipes, extra clothes and also his favorite biscuit.. So, he did the same thing even he just wanna go outside the room which is just few feet away.. hahaha..

It is so damn funny watching him walked out slowly from the room with the bag behind him.. :-) Btw, tajuk entry takde kaitan pon ngan ape yg I nak cite sebenarnye.. haha.. I didn't plan to send Arsyad to any playschool yet.. He is still young and I think he even can learn a lot from home and his mama of coz.. And, I didn't worry too much if he doesn't socialize with other kids coz I know my son will get along with them.. Just give him few minutes to warming up himself, then he'll good to go and play with.. hehe..

Hmm~ my baby is growing up so fast!! He'll turn to 14 months old next saturday.. He can do a lot of things nowadays, and there must be something new that he discovers everyday.. He likes to hide his toys everywhere.. Last time, I found his Barney cup behind the tele, his books behind the bed, his ferrari car in the laundry basket, papa's handphone in the box, his toothbrush in my handbag, remote control in the chest drawer (I dun know when did he put it), and his ABC's magnet inside the washing machine (luckily I realized it before I put in all the dirty clothes).. It makes me smile everytime I found all those toys.. :-) Isn't it cute and funny? hehe.. Hubby and I laughed out loud when we try to find his handphone and found out that it was in the box.. Luckily hubby didn't silent off his phone, klau tak silap2 beli handphone baru la kan? :P

I wanna story more about my lil one, but then I'm so damn tired right now.. I'll continue in my next entry yea~ For now, just enjoy these pictures of Arsyad with his Sammy bag :-)

tawaf bilik 2 3 kali konon2 gi jln.. haha

bye bye mama~

pusing2 skali nk buang bag tuh.. last2 tersangkut kat kaki.. haha

Love u baby.. mmmuuaahhhss~


  1. ehehe.. sweet la dia... sib baik x jatuh bila beg tu tsangkut kat kaki .. almaklumlah beg lg besar dr orgnyer..

  2. :) :) :) sharing is power
    selamat bersekolah


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