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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Batrisyia and Arissa Double Bash

We've had so much fun today, celebrating Batrisyia and Arissa's birthday.. Batrisyia turns 8 on 20th and Arissa turns 2 on 13th, share the same our anniversary's month.. hehe.. All of us gathered together (family and friends) at Delifrance, The Strand Kota Damansara around 2pm..

Arissa, Batrisyia and Amsyar were all very excited waiting for others to come.. All of them enjoying themselves running here and there, luckily the restaurant were closed from 2pm till 4pm for the birthday celebration.. huhu~ private party ok!! :-)

I didn't snap so many piccas as my sista did hire Min from cikimiki to capture the great moments at that time.. So, I just enjoyed myself, chit chat with all my siblings and tried all the meals provided.. hehe :D Owh~ I love the Dora and Boots cake.. It is so damn cute!! I thought I did snap one, but then I didn't.. haaiiyyaa~ camane la bley terlupe..

Arsyad enjoyed himself at first, but then after the restaurant was full with all the guests, he started to cry and wanted to be held all the time.. I think he was afraid with the kiddos - running, fighting, and balloon pecah ~kedebom!!~ hahaha.. Okay, enuff with all the stories.. These are the only pictures that I managed to snap (mane yg takde tu, sorryla ek.. hehe..) and sila jgn bosan klau byk sgt gambar, coz I malas nk collage kan..haha.. :D

birthday girl - Batrisyia

birthday girl lg sorang - Arissa

Abang Amsyar yg sungguh susah nk amek gambar.. huh~

 My lil hero pon nk join sama..

Zaky enjoyed eating his spaghetti..

Zafran mkn diam2 tau, nnti mummy marah.. haha..

Aren't they cute together?? :-)

Sempat lg pegi party before beranak..

tgh berkumpul nak tiup lilin.. see the cake? I like it!!

My sistas with birthday girl..

Mama, ayah and Arissa.. 2 lagi sibuk main :D

Papa and Arsyad

Mama pon nak jugak.. hahaha

Arsyad dh start cranky dh ni..

birthday girl dh tido kepenatan..

Ayah masa kecik mcm kat blkg tuh la.. haha

Ahnaf yg chubby~

Nyum nyum~

Cik Ta with Umar and birthday girl.. :D

Zafran hug perut mummy yg besar tuh.. :D

The rest I upload kat fb la plak.. huhu~

p/s: Thank you sis for the invitation.. All of you are so lovely with the orange theme.. :D


  1. Thank you for coming....our pleasure to have all of you ..NICE pics sis! ala2 pro gitu...can't wait to see from cikimiki..we had great fun!

  2. thanks sis.. nanti birthday amsyar buat outdoor la plak.. huhu~ tak terkejar la anak2 kecik.. hahaha

  3. salam...

    really nice pics babe!!! BTW nama my kids sama la dgn birthday gurls. my kids Batrisyia Safia turn 5, my Arissa Damia turn 2 & new baby boy Haziq Zafran.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday to both sweetest birthday gurls!!! Be a gud girl ya...

  4. mamazana: thank u :-) kebetulan plak nama sama ek.. hehe.. semua nya maksud baik2 :D

    yanie: thanks dear~ :-)


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