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Monday, February 15, 2010

Shopping Day!!

It's been a looonnggg time we didn't reward ourselves with a lovely gift or anything that can make us feel good.. hehe.. We need to spend a lot for our new house, so we didn't bother to buy anything for ourselves.. And as February is our anniversary's month, so both hubby and I went out today, purposely to shop-ping!! hehe..

I got myself a Gucci handbag from hubby as my anniversary's gift ( I like it so much honey!! Thanks a lot!!) and he just asked me to buy perfumes for him coz semuanya dh abes.. So, we went to Jusco One Utama for me to buy my Clarins and perfumes for hubby of coz.. It is so damn difficult to decide which one to buy.. I like this Gucci by Gucci perfume.. It smells so good!! But then hubby doesn't like it so much until we're in the car, driving back home.. Haaa tu la! I've told u so to buy this one :P .. I like the bottle as well.. hehe

At last, we bought Dunhill Pure and CK Be.. I love the smells as well.. Eventho CK Be tu dah lame, but then hubby still insist to have it coz he likes it so much.. So, let us see how long both of the perfumes will last.. Orang laki kan suka sembur byk2, or is it just my hubby? hahahaha.. 

Instead of going back home, we've decided to go to Ikea.. Actually we want to go to Red Apple or any furniture shop nearby, but then Chinese New Year mana ade yg bukak.. hurm~ So, without wasting our time, we just headed ourselves to Ikea.. At first, we just wanna eat meatballs and window shopping.. End up ntah ape2 beli barang.. hahaha.. Nevermind.. At least we bought something for Arsyad's room and also our bathroom.. hehe..

So, that's all for today.. No more shopping for tomorrow and the next 4 days coz hubby dah start keje. :-(    It is good tho coz I can stay at home, clean up the house, do all the laundries and decorating Arsyad's room to make it more cheerful.. hehe.. Wish me luck~


  1. wahhh kalo dpt bag Gucci...tapi akak suka la bau Hugo sgt...

  2. oklaa tu tak beli gucci by gucci coz that's my darling's perfume :P

  3. Nice info blog. Mantap!!!I like to share with bloggers and all of readers
    Keep in touch

  4. hi aril.. thanks.. do keep in touch :-)


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