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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kids Portraiture Clinic

I've never attended any photography class or workshop before, this was my first time.. And, thanks to my dear hubby coz he is the one who insists me to participate in the clinic.. Alhamdulillah I managed to attend the clinic at Taman Putra Perdana, Putrajaya.. I have to leave Arsyad with his papa for about 6 to 7 hours.. :-(

I'm so happy with the clinic as I learn a lot from Zubye and other participants as well.. I dun have so much knowledge on the setting or anything about photography (I just learn from magazines and internet).. So it is quite difficult for me to catch up at first, coz everyone just focus on framing and how to take a good picture.. Me on the other hand, baru nak btolkan setting tu setting nih.. haha.. But, I'm quite satisfied with the pictures that I managed to snap.. It is so damn difficult to capture the best moment of other kids than your own.. huh~ Btol2 kene sabar and pantas..

one of the cilik models - sweet Adelia

Adelia and Irfan

Irfan with his lego

Ariana - a bit moody on that day.. but she still sweet and cute :-)

I hope I can take better picture of Arsyad after this.. :-) Need to practice, practice and practice.. :D

p/s: Anyone, feel free to comment ya~.. I wanna improve myself, so doesn't matter whether the comment is good or bad.. :-)


  1. for me yang buta psl gambar nie sangat cantik jek...sebab nampk le rumput tu hijau..gambo2 tu jelas hahahaahah...

    very good shoot!!! i luv it :)

  2. thanks sisdee.. i pon buta jugak.. hehe.. ni pon baru blaja sikit2 :-)

  3. best shot! suka kanak2!
    keep it up!

  4. slow2 belajar no jue.. hiks... me too bkn pandai sgt nk take pics nih..

  5. A very good shot, i really like picture title Irfan with his Lego. Vibrant color and a cheerful smile from the kid.

    Keep it up !

  6. nice and clean shot. i suka yang last one.
    no prob kita masih belajar, practise selalu supaya dapat capture gamba in a good composition and framing.
    try to play with your camera exposure,aperture & iso speed.. bila dah dapat nih sure tak perlu byk nak edit guna ps and u akan rasa lagi puas.
    i'm also still learning ..feel free to drop by at my flickr.

  7. zulaikha..akak dh amek pics adelia letak dlm fb..bleh yer ;-)

  8. fitri: thanks a lot.. :-)

    fiza: tu la.. kene practice selalu.. :D arsyad la jd mangsa selalu.. haha

    anonymous: thanks a lot :-)

    izzphoto: thanks for ur comment.. really appreciate it.. nice picture u have there in ur flickr..

    aqish: ok akak.. no problem.. thanks for dropping by :-)


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