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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Babies..

Since I'm in a good mood today, I think I should blog about my babies. Not really in a very good mood, but its okay then, besides the "little parasite fella" that is still in our house. I'll story about that later, once I know it is captured.

I've had my pregnancy checkup last 2 days, and Alhamdulillah everything turns out well. The only thing that bothers me was my baby's weight. Since I came back from my hometown, I don't eat that much and I felt restless. The doctor said it is still normal but for 30 weeks pregnancy, 1.2kg is consider quite small. Hopefully I can eat more after this and gain more weight just like my 1st pregnancy. Anyway, I can't see my baby's face during the checkup coz my baby was like tengah sujud at that time. Bagus tol anak mama ni, dlm perut lagi dh start solat.. hahaha

Arsyad as usual, just ignore what the doctor did during the scan. He was so busy playing with the blocks. But at least he knew that there is a baby inside mama's tummy. Sometimes he'll kiss my tummy, sometimes he'll put some toys on my tummy and sometimes he'll poke my tummy too, depends on his mood. I was so nervous and a bit worried thinking on how he will react once he saw his little brother. Hopefully he'll be very excited and love his little brother so much. 

He is very demanding right now, always want us to pay full attention to him. Both of us tried our best not to scold at him, try to entertain him as long as we can. But of course at the end of the day, I'm the one who will feel very exhausted. 

Okay, enuff for today. Here are Arsyad's latest picture. His cheeky and handsome face that always make mama smile. Hehe..


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