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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Ready For Our 2nd Baby..

I didn't prepare so much for our 2nd baby arrival. Only buy few new rompers, towels, toiletries and small things only. Arsyad's newborn clothes still looks like new so I just use his. Alhamdulillah finally we managed to clear 2 of our drawers to put baby's clothes and 1 of them full already. Hehe. I still have to wash few more things and need to buy my items plak. Almost forgot about the breast pump and bottles, need to sterilize them first. Hopefully it can be done on time. :-)

newborn and 0-3 months clothes only..hehe

Just a reminder to myself, don't forget to clean up the maxi cosi carrier mama. Need to use that, once baby is out!! And prepare the hospital bag!! :D


  1. waaaaa, i tmpg excited for u dear fren!! n one more, i ithink mmg x perlu beli byk baju da, bj arsyad da lbh dr cukup tu :)

  2. mmg tak beli byk pon.. mmg dh terlebey sudah.. hehe..


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