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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My 32 Weeks Pregnancy

We went to my 32 weeks checkup yesterday and Alhamdulillah everything was okay and normal. My weight slightly increased 2kg from last 2 weeks and baby also gain more weight, but still small only 1.5kg. At first, I was a bit worried thinking about my baby's weight, but I think maybe the baby is genetically small, what can I do right? As long as he is healthy and everything is normal, it is fine with me. Mama always pray for your health baby.

So, here is my lil hero's face. I think he is just like Arsyad and his papa. Hehe.

On the left: Arsyad at 24 weeks and on the right is his lil brother at 32 weeks. :-)


  1. due dkt2 ngan baby yani eh? smga sumenye slmt dear fren, teringat mse scan baby faris at 32 weeks at KTS, faris da 2.8 kg, mmg besar perot fiza time tu, doc yusof ckp, nnt anak u kluar dlm 3.2kg, last2 faris kluar at 3.5 kg, subhanallah :) xpe jue, yg pntg baby sehat :)

  2. yer kot, due dekat ngan baby yani..perut jue mmg kecik, mase arsyad pon camtu.. tp time beranak 2.9kg, so ok la.. hopefully everything will be fine.. :-)


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