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Monday, September 19, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011

This year, our family theme color is green. Both Arsyad and papa's baju melayu were ready made and we're very lucky, able to find the exact color and material. We bought Arsyad's baju melayu first at Jln TAR a week before Ramadhan, then we bought papa's baju melayu at PKNS, Shah Alam two weeks later. I was the one who is very happy coz both of them will wear the same color just like previous years. :-)

Btw, we didn't manage to capture lots of pictures coz we didn't bring our camera back. We just use the iPhone instead to capture all the moments together with our families. 

with my PIL

Our 1st day raya.. 

Our 2nd day raya and arsyad with the ultramans..

 Our 3rd day raya..susahnya nk amek gambar arsyad yg proper..

 1st day raya @ wan's house with all the cousins, aunties and uncles..

 My prince without songkok.. 

 Pagi raya, arsyad still moody but still want to wear his bj melayu, samping and shoe..

 Two of us.. oooppss, 3 of us.. don't forget my lil baby.. :-)

 awatla susah sgt nk stand still..sabo je la..

rest for a while..

 with my love..

org nk beraya, dia sibuk nk main ball..haha

 my 2 handsome boys.. love u both so much :-)
Next year will be 4 of us celebrating Aidilfitri, InsyaAllah.. Hopefully kita dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki untuk berjumpa di Ramadhan and Syawal akan dtg.. Till then, have a nice day.. :-)


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