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Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Bedroom Become His Playroom..

It is so hard to make Arsyad plays in his room. He will, if either one of us was there with him, playing together in the room. If not, our bedroom will be his favorite place. Sometimes it is fine with me, but most of the time I can't stand with all the messes! I know it is hard to get my house clean 24-7 with a 17 months old baby. But then, I try my best to make sure everything will be back to as it was, before I went to sleep or before we went out.

When I saw if he doesn't want to play with that toys anymore, I'll immediately put it back in the storage box. Doing it everyday makes him know that he needs to clean up his toys everytime he is done playing with it. So, here he is trying to put back all the flashes card back into the box. And yup!! He did it on his own, until the last piece of the card. I'm so proud of you baby~ :-)

Get the box first..

Try to put one..

Trying so hard.. :D

Letak kat chest drawer lg senang.. hehe

On a different day.. :-)

Owh~ he'll clap his hand everytime he managed to put it back in the box. And I'll clap too so that he will enjoy doing it. :-)

But then, the most favorite way of cleaning up is hiding all the toys, NOT keeping it back to its place. Haha. Arsyad loves to do that. Sometimes he'll put it behind our bed, in the laundry basket, behind the TV, in our wardrobe and anywhere that we can't even think to find it there. I just laughed out loud when I found something everytime I clean up the house. Clever boy huh~ :D


  1. oh! wow!!! sooo clever!!!! *clap! clap!*
    i pun nak kene ajar my baby berkemas jugak la... if not, mmg bersepah! pening!!!!!

  2. i tak ajar pon fiza.. just buat depan dia.. dia akan observe, lame2 dia ikut la.. hehe.. mmg pening.. 24jam bersepah.. selagi tak tido, main je keje.. hehe

  3. good boy arsyad..!!! maira plak mmg blh berkemas tapi masalahnye kemas..sepah..kemas..sepah. never ending story.huh!

  4. bravo arshad! pandaiiiii! good thing lah u rajin kemas everytime dia sepah kan, then he follows suit. i pun nak start rajin jugak lah. hiks


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