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Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to Brush My Baby's Teeth?

Do you know how to make our baby wants to brush his teeth? It is so hard to do it with my lil one. Sometimes, I just let him play with the toothbrush coz he won't open his mouth everytime I wanna brush his teeth. I did brush my teeth together with him, so that he'll follow me. Turn out he wanted to help me by giving me his toothbrush and trying to put it in my mouth.

Now gigi geraham Arsyad dh tumbuh. Lagi susah la nak bersihkan. Haaaiiyyyaa~ Sometimes I just wipe his teeth with clean cloth. Have to force him a bit tho. I dun know how to make it fun and more interesting so that he will brush his teeth without forcing him too. Btw, last time we went to Guardian to buy some stuff, and then I saw this First Teeth Baby Toothpaste. I know my baby can't use any toothpaste yet coz he doesn't know how to spill it out. But then, this toothpaste is fluoride free and safe for baby to swallow.

It has active milk enzymes and is naturally flavored with apple and banana. It is recommended for babies age 3 months and above. It is a bit pricey tho, for a small tube of 40g, it cost RM25.90. So, my hubby didn't let me buy it. He said we need to teach him to like brushing his teeth first then start using the toothpaste. But then, what if the toothpaste can make him like to brush his teeth? Coz it has flavors. And, all babies love bananas right? hahaha.. :P

Please help me mommas. Give me some ideas to make my son loves brushing his teeth instead of me forcing him too. :-(


  1. i bet its a challenge...its not easy to coax kids to brush teeth..not to mention a baby...good luck ya! :-)

  2. u sambil2 nyanyi2 kan dia masa gosok gg 1st mmg dia u bual2 ngan dia ckp bagus gosok gg etc..tambah2 lagi kot2 ada kartun dia minat my nak gosok gg..i belikan barney cd yg ada cerita pasal gosok tak nak stop gosok gg lak sbb nk jadi cam barney :O

  3. Good idea sisdee.. thanks a lot.. nnti pegi cari la cd barney tuh.. hehe

  4. Dulu ya gosok gg depan maira sambil nyanyi "this is the way i brush my teeth...." sambil buat mcm2 gaya la..huhu. mula2 die buat gaya je lebih pastu lama2 dah gosok betul2..

  5. just get the toothpaste, my baby loves brushing his own teeth, and always take the brush and toothpaste and pass to me before bedtime.

  6. Well this is one of the common problems of every mom, how to make their babies enjoy brushing. Being a mom, you have to think for creative and fun tricks to convince your babies. First, buy them colored brushed or a brush attached with their favorite cartoon character. Second, use kid’s toothpaste with different flavor or something they like most. Then lastly, brush together. Let them see themselves in the mirror and start brushing together. Kids are enjoyed copying their parents, so be a role model to them.


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