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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I would like to wish to my Ayah, Abah, my beloved hubby and to all father's out there.. Happy Father's Day.. 

Terima kasih Ayah atas semua jasa dan pengorbanan Ayah membesarkan kami adik beradik.. I know sometimes I didn't listen to your advice, sometimes I wasn't there to take care of you.. But deep down inside my heart, I love you so much and I always pray for you Ayah.. Semua nasihat ayah dari Jue kecik sampai la skrg, Jue still ingat and will always keep it in my heart so that I can tell my kids each and every words you've told me.. 

For my darling hubby, no words can describe how I'm glad you are the one!! Thanks a lot for taking care of me and Arsyad.. Thanks a lot for always being there for us.. I dun have anything for you dear~ But, I'll try my best to provide all the love to you and our precious, Arsyad..

Happy Father's Day.. Love u papa.. Mmmuuuaaahhhs~


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