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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Mama..Arsyad Nak Basikal Satu"..

That is what he said when he saw a bicycle.. Not exactly like that, but he'll say "nak nak", with his finger pointing to the bicycle.. Eventho he doesn't know to cycle it yet, but he knew that his feet should be on the paddle and the handle will control the wheels.. hehe..

posing dulu tuk mama.. hehe

pandai naik sendiri.. :D

Last week, when we were at our hometown Arsyad was so excited to see his cousin's bicycles.. It is so colorful and the price is not that expensive like here in KL.. I'll buy you one when we went back again kay Arsyad.. :-)

muka nak nangis sbb kaki tersangkut.. haha

siap ade tempat letak helmet.. :-)

ooopppss!! kepala terkena handle.. haha

senyum mcm papa.. hahaha

Kat sini, nak main kat luar pon mama takut.. Kereta laju2 eventho kat kawasan perumahan.. hurm~ 


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