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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It was Indeed A Great Lunch Ever!!!

Yesterday, my lovely hubby offered to make something for lunch as I'm not feeling very well. Usually, he'll just go out and buy something instead of offered himself to cook. Hehe. So, I just said okay and continue lying down and resting with Arsyad keep on asking me to play with him. Not really resting and relaxing then. Haha.

And so off he went to the kitchen and start cooking. I didn't even bother to go down and asked if he need any help coz I know he can cook and also clean up everything once he done. He used to cook maggi, fried rice, nuggets, beef burger, sausage and anything which is simple and only took few minutes to prepare. And, he'll always clean up everything especially if I did the cooking. Lucky me!! Hehe. For me, cooking is not that tired, but the cleaning part is!!

About an hour later, he asked me to come down and had our lunch together. He managed to cook spaghetti carbonara. Eventho it didn't taste like the one at Delicious but it was not bad at all!! I'm so impressed with you sayang~ hehe.. 

Nyum2~ Arsyad mkn sausage.. hehe

Thanks a lot!! I love you so much.. Mmmmuuuaahhhss~ Lain kali buat lagi eh.. hehe.. :D


  1. haha....good for u....most guy...i meant me can not cook :-P

  2. eh, tak sihat?? ni dah sihat ke blom?? take care ya!

  3. uhhh..such a romantic husband!good for you.. ;p

  4. wahhh! looks yummy k. siap my son tengok ni dia cakap "wowww mama. sedappp hotdog! take please, irfan nak!" hahahhahahahah

  5. Ohhh..that's so sweettt...

  6. ohmywtf: lucky me huh~ :D

    sofia: feeling better today.. thanks dear~

    mimi: sekali sekala.. hehe :-)

    Drama Mama: Yummy kan.. mmg sodapp!! Nanti irfan dtg umah aunty mkn hotdog kay.. :)

    jfook: :-)


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