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Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Artist In The Making..

My baby has started showing his interest in drawing, or should I say scribbling at the age of 15 months old. He always wanted to have the pen or pencil that I hold, tried to imitate me writing on my notebook. And he did his first art at my sista's house together with his cousins. I was so impressed coz he can actually hold the pencil in a right way. Owh~ I didn't manage to snap the picture of his first art - was busy watching him, afraid if he'll made his art at the wrong place coz it is not our house. Hehe.

So, we bought him a drawing block and Luna color pencils at MPH, afraid to buy the crayons yet. Maybe it is too early for him coz sometimes he'll put it in his mouth. I just let him play around with the color pencils and always remind him to do it on the paper, eventho sometimes he "over-doing" it. Hehe. Meaning that he "ter"- scribbling on the floor, on my bedsheet and on the chest drawer. Luckily not on the wall.. yet!! No table for him, so we just let him did his art either on our bed or on the floor. But, mama or papa must be there during the activity!! Hehe.

First of all, tekan dulu yer kawan2.. 

Then, conteng!!

Well, babies are always curious, they want to know more and more while exploring things around them. So, arts is one of them. That is why me and hubby just encourage our baby to explore and learn arts as this will stimulate his right brain, inspire creative thinking. I know most parents afraid if their children will make a mess around the house coz I did, especially if my lil one started to "conteng-conteng" on my wall. But then, if we started on the right way and always remind them on how to do it, eventually they'll understand and remember how to do it right and then it will become their habit. I always come to think on how my mom taught all of us (14 of us!! Yup!! I have 14 siblings!!) not to make a mess, always to keep everything neat and tidy. It is not by scolding us but keep on showing us the right way and always remind us everytime we want to do something. So, I tried my best to apply it to my baby. So far so good, coz I'm enjoying our playing time together, every minute of it. Hehe.

Ni lah hasilnya.. Haha.. Car, star, moon, dll tuh papa nye arts.. :P

It is okay to become dirty in the process. Don't let the mess stop us from giving our baby the freedom to explore their creativity. Anyway, that is a natural traits of being a baby right? They get dirty in learning anything; eating, drinking, drawing, and lots more. So, just let them be. We as parents must give them freedom, tools and support to unleash their skills. Trust me! You will enjoy every minute of it, watching them dancing, acting, trying to talk like you, cook like you, helping you doing the laundry and lots more!! Owh~ I wish I can write every minute of what my baby did every single day, like his journal!! :D 

Btw, I would like to share something quite interesting, Drawing Development in Children by Viktor Lowenfeld and Betty Edwards. It shows us the timeline of drawing development in children from ages 2 through 16 years old. 

Scribling Stage (2 Years) - Random scribbles begin at age one and a half, but quite quickly take on definite shapes. Circular movement is first bcoz it is most natural anatomically. 

The Stage of Symbols ( 3 Years) - After weeks of scribbling, children make the discovery of art: a drawn symbol can stand for a real thing in the environment. Circular form becomes a universal symbol for almost anything. Later symbol becomes more complex, reflecting child's observations on the world around him.

Pictures that Tells Stories (4 Years) - At four or five, the child begins to tell stories or work out problems with her drawings, changing basic forms as needed to express meaning. Often once the problem is expressed, the child feels better able to cope with it.

The Landscape ( 6 Years) - By 5 or 6, children develop a set of symbols to create a landscape that eventually becomes a single variation repeated endlessly. A blue line and sun at the top of the page and a green line at the bottom become symbolic representations of the sky and ground. Landscape are compose carefully, giving the impression that removing any single form would throw off the balance of the whole picture.

You can read the rest here. :-)

So it looks like Arsyad is at the scribbling stage.. yea~ Keep it up son!! :D


  1. tq for sharing this....i pun tgh sibuk ajar my girl to draw, tapi at the age of 2yrs, mmg drawing dia pun sebiji cam scribbling stage tu...

  2. hye there..comel je lukis2.dah besar nnt bley jadik artist ehe..
    btw masa tengah2 baca kat blog nie..ade satu ayat tuh..i rasa puan zulaikha ade tersalah tulis yang kat bahagian umur tuh..

    "It shows us the timeline of drawing development in children from ages 2 through 16 years old." yang 16 tuh mungkin 6 years old kot...kalau betul takpe ehe.. (= keep updating bout ur son okeh

    take care tata

  3. kidal ank sdare ana sorg ni...hehe

  4. Good job Arsyad! Conteng as much as you like! hehehe...motor skill polished. Umar did not draw on wall, Zaky did a bit, and Aqil did a lot! hehehe..

  5. Wow.....not bad.....who knows.....

  6. Arsyad is left handed? macam kakak Batrisyia..Arissa pun sibuk scribbling skrg ni pantang jumpa buku and pen or pencil colours...

  7. CikAyu: mmg stage 2 years old conteng2 gitu.. hehe.. its fun tho..

    Amy: Owh~ yg tu bukan typo.. kat bwh tu I tulis the rest bley read kat website dia.. :-) thanks anyway.. :-)

    Ana: mmg kidal pon.. hehe

    CikTa: Arsyad tak conteng lg kat dinding.. hopefully tak la.. selalu remind him not to do so.. :)

    Himmat: :-)

    Sis JEM: aah, left handed mcm kakak jgk.. nnti ade mase jom buat painting outside.. hehe..

  8. owh! arsyad is doing good.... clever boy!
    tq for sharing the info ya!

  9. da besar mesti pandai ni. tapi nape saya punye contengan masih seperti umur 2 tahun.huhuhuh


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