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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eubos Cream Bath Oil - Cleanses and Protects My Baby's Skin

Some of you might know about this product, especially for those who has a very sensitive skin. I did use this product during my study coz I got a really2 sensitive skin. It did work for my dry skin, and made my skin smooth and not itchy anymore. However, I'm stop using it coz I think it is quite expensive. It costs me around RM28 (if got sale) for 200ml bottle. Btw, there are products for adults but I did prefer the baby's product as it is mild and my dry skin condition is better than before.

This is the old packaging. The new one is in white bottle. 
picture - google-

And now I'm using it for my lil one. His skin is just like mine, very dry and it become worse when he starts sweating all over his body. Every now and then we find a small patch of rough skin on his arm and neck. After using this Cream Bath Oil for the past 3 days, I noticed that there is no more rough skin on his neck and arm. It claims that this cream bath oil doesn't just clean your baby's skin; it also helps provide your baby with relief from dry skin that itches and tightens as well as other conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, nappy rash, cradle cap and prickly heat that may irritate your child's sensitive skin. 

The first time I used this cream bath oil on him, I felt the immediate effect. After wiped him dry, I touched his skin and it felt smoother and more supple than before. I love the smells too!! Try it for yourself on your baby and enjoy extra soft baby skin!!

After shower, I did apply him Eubos Sensitive Lotion Dermo-Protective. It helps to moisturize, protects and repairs the skin. I just tried the sample given and I fell in love with it once I used it on my baby's skin. Hopefully this Eubos Cream Bath Oil and Lotion are able to keep the rough patches at bay. :-) 

p/s: No more Johnson & Johnson's product for my baby :D


  1. lotion is important for babies =)

  2. i use Eubos too for my legs! :-)

  3. eubos sgt elokk i mandikan hariz dulu masa newborn using eubos sbb dia ade cradle cap. walaupun bau dia cam wangi pelik sket

  4. Batrisya dulu pun pakai eubos..masa baby coz ada eczema...she can't stand sabun2 biasa even johnson baby..too dry for her!

  5. kenwooi: Yup, u're absolutely right!

    ohmywtf: Good for u..

    Hanis: I love the smells. Mmg wangi pelik but I like it. hehe.

    Sis JEM: Dh keturunan, nk buat camane.. hehe

  6. mane nak cari Eubos Sensitive Lotion Dermo-Protective tu yeh? selalu jumpe yg trial je.. botol besar susah nak jmpa..

  7. can find it at any pharmacy.. usually i beli kat pharmacy caring..


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