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Friday, May 21, 2010

Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze Advance to 'American Idol' 2010 Finals

American Idol 2010 has come to the Finale! As expected Crystal and Lee will be the top 2 finale.. I just love watching Lee's performance last night compared to Crystal. Both of them were very consistent from the very beginning. Eventho Lee didn't outshines in the audition like Andrew Garcia, but he managed to show his natural talent and this is what it is all about! I just love watching Lee's performance compared to Andrew. But not my hubby. He is a big fan of Andrew Garcia !!

I hope Lee will be the American Idol 2010. Let us watch their last night performance. :D

And, this is for my hubby, his favorite - the one and only Andrew Garcia!! Love u darling~ :D


  1. i love Lee dewyze and andrew garcia and i hate crystal sense of style. :)

  2. This is Andrew Garcia partner, Cathy songs

  3. awak oii..kecik kanla sket awak punya saiz video tu..terkeluar2 dari landasan..tak comel dah blog awak ni...

    hurm..lama aku tak tgk american idol ni..sng citer tv mmg dah lama tak tengok la berebut ngan mak! nk tgk so you think you can dance pun tak pat. :(

  4. uhh...i love John Park! hahaha but between the two, i think crystal will win the title!no offense! hehehe


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