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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Evening @ Wan's House

We went back to our hometown last Sunday on 2nd of May.. This time around we went back for almost a week, just want to spent more time with both of our parents.. And Arsyad was happily playing around with his cousins, Tok, Tokki, Ki, Wan and Cu Na.. :-)

I just managed to capture these pictures of Arsyad, running and playing outside with his cousins and papa.. He was so damn excited watching papa, trying to fly the kite.. hahaha.. Kat KL tak dpt la mama nk bwk Arsyad main kat luar ek.. Sorry sayang~

Bye bye mama.. 

searching for a kite high up in the sky..

excited bley jln sana sini

run run run arsyad.. hehe

geli2 jln atas rumput..haha

Kakak & abang setia temankn arsyad.. :p

InsyaAllah next month kita balik lg kay Arsyad.. Owh~ Arsyad knows how to climb down the stairs now, after a lot of practices at Tok and Wan's house.. hehe.. He even climb up the stairs like an adult now, not crawling anymore.. Good job Arsyad :D


  1. wow..such a long break u had with your family! i am sure arsyad will miss his kampung when he gets back home..

  2. best tengok Arsyad lari2..sooooooo happyyyy

  3. syoknye Arsyad blk kampung!!! nakbalik jugak!!

  4. sungguh2 arsyad main melompat gitu. la balik kampung kan arsyad kannnn?!

  5. mimi: dh lame tak cuti pjg.. so this time balik lama sikit.. arsyad mmg excited btol.. :D

    mamasyaza: dh brape kali jatuh tuh.. naseb baik okay jek.. hehe

    jEM: balik balik jgn tak balik!!

    Mmg best la aunty balik kampung nih!! :D


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