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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Full Schedule 2010 World Cup

Well, world cup is back again and this time around, South Africa plays as the host.  The time zone for RSA is GMT +2 and thats mean we are 6 hours ahead of them.

Full Schedule for Group Stage
click for large view

So ladies~ print out the above schedule and paste it on your wall or fridge - kot2 la encik2 suami ilang ntah ke mana tgh2 mlm kan? hahaha.. 

This is the official letter from my husband, he copied it on Facebook ! 

Meet Zakumi ! World Cup 2010 Mascot

I think I'm lucky enuff coz my hubby sometimes will work during night time. Haha. So jgn berangan la nak tgk bola yer cik abg.. haha.. Nak tgk boley tp dok umah je la yer.. :P


  1. wajib simpan sbb mr hubby sure nak tau nie hahahhaah

  2. i pon join sekaki tgk dgn hubby... :D

  3. simpan akak jgn tak simpan..

    huh bagus u fiza.. i tak kuasa nk layan.. haha


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